Learning Disabilities & Supported Living

We offer services to enable persons who have a learning disability the option to live in their own home with the support of staff who have been trained. These support staff are committed to ensuring they support you to achieve the things you want. Our staff will listen to your needs and will assist you in communicating these needs to the local authorities and to other relevant bodies. Our staff will also work to assist you to integrate back into the community especially after lockdown is lifted. We will assist you to achieve what it is you want, especially with activities and outreach.

We can also assist you with enabling you to pay your bills.

We will assist you to feel safe and comfortable in your home.

We will help you maintain your appointments, especially your health appointments.

You will have the rights and responsibility to live on your own, or share your home. You can also benefit by having your own tenancy agreement, if you so choose. Your local authority will work with you on a funding level that will support you.