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Putting your trust into a care provider to look after a vulnerable loved one can be an incredibly hard decision, we hope that our awards & excellent reviews are a testament to our excellent care team and reassure that you and your family are in safe hands for the future.

Over the years we have amassed a selection of approved reviews from our care customers & NHS. We see the importance in customer feedback and will always strive to listen to feedback to improve our services on a daily basis. If you would like to leave feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our care team.

My 94 year old mother has received personal care from 2 carers, 4 times a day for nearly 2 years since breaking her hip left leaving her unable to walk. She is partially deaf and has dementia. Her regular team of 3 covering 7 days have built up a good rapport with her, talking to and encouraging her whilst they work. If visiting times need to change due to e.g. rota changes the lead carer keeps me informed so I can adjust meal times appropriately.

On the ladies’ days off the alternate carers usually come from a small group who have been before so are known to Mum and they know the household routine. Inevitably things happen requiring short notice changes but the office always telephones to advise me. They also regularly conduct service quality and satisfaction reviews.

I do not expect perfection, that is impossible. I do expect very good and the service Mum receives is excellent.

Mum’s treatment gives rise to no safeguarding concerns.

We’ve used Alpenbest South through the local authority for some years now. We are kept advised of any changes to staff and rota and have good communication with the managers and carers. We’ve always found them helpful and attentive.

As with any care agency, communication is vital on both sides, whether direct from/with the client or their next of kin. Establishing and maintaining these relationships assures everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We would recommend.

Alpenbest have been providing care for my wife for over a year now. Throughout this time, we have had a number of carers, who have all provided excellent service. Normally, we have the same carer each day, so we are able to build up a rapport, and they understand what needs to be done. On their days off, another carer comes, normally one of a small number who have visited before. We have had few issues throughout the year, and whenever there has been a need to contact the office, there is always someone there to sort out any problems or queries. Our service is provided through the county’s social care department so I am unable to comment on ‘value for money’, otherwise we are very pleased with the service from Alpenbest.

Alpenbest South have provided great service and care to my family for the last 3 years or more. Primarily for my father, who sadly passed away 01/09/18. One member of staff in particular really made a difference to my dad. This particularly member of staff has a great rapport with my dad and cared in a very detailed way for his needs. He had a really good laugh with him too. This contact helped him greatly as his dementia and cancer deteriorated. He took the time to visit him in hospital, he attended the funeral, as a great carer but also a real friend of my father and now family, at a very difficult and poignant time of life. We are forever grateful for this and the extra level of care and friendship that truly made a difference. We know how much dad thought of this particular member of staff and the care he provided, that means a lot to us. We’re very happy that this staff member helped him and made him happy. Thanks also to two other staff members and all others involved, who are now helping my mum too. Management have also been friendly and efficient. Big thanks once again Alpenbest South.

My husband and I are very pleased with our team of carers from Alpenbest. They are providing personal care to him and are helping our main carer with hoisting tasks and other tasks. They are very kind, respectful, hardworking and very professional. They talked to my husband and engage with him, even though he has lost the use of his voice. They treat him with respect and dignity. The office workers are always very polite on the phone. Our coordinator is very professional and understands very well our needs. She is always doing her best to accommodate us when we need to change the schedule from time to time because of hospital/doctors appointments.

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